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The Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi is unusual in being not only a hotel, but also an attraction in its own right. Each winter thousands of people from all corners of the world travel to this unique destination, 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle to marvel at art, architecture and design – all sculpted out of solid ice. In a world that is often cold, Tylö's innovative products are prized for making it possible to relax in such warmth, comfort and well-being. In a constantly cold world, like that at the Icehotel, Tylö saunas and steam baths are appreciated even more. Over the years Tylö has created many sumptuous bathing facilities at the Icehotel. Today collaboration is so firmly established that one of Tylö's sauna heaters has even been transformed into a work of art – sculpted totally out of ice, of course.

Hot baths 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle.

The relaxation suite in the restaurant building has two specially designed sauna rooms finished in aspen wood and equipped with SDK 10 sauna heaters. Both rooms also have a Tylarium served by a 6 VA steam generator. Next door is an Elysée steam bath, also specially designed for the Icehotel, in midnight blue, with fibre optics in the ceiling that replicate the exact position of the stars in the northern sky. The steam room has integral loudspeakers, a Steam-Clean system and a 9 VA steam generator. In the Icehotel's heated lounge area Tylö has custom-built two sauna rooms in aspen wood with MEGA EH 150 sauna heaters. Both rooms incorporate Tylö's professional quality sauna benches for easy cleaning. Next door is the ice sauna with a MEGA EZ 225 heater.