Elite is Tylö’s latest advance in its efforts to develop useful functions to facilitate a more enjoyable and healthier lifestyle. Elite combined with a wireless network enables remote control of your sauna or steam room.

Elite provides increased comfort and convenience for sauna and steam room users thanks to wellthought-out functions and capacity for remote control of all functions of the sauna or steam room through very specific settings. Remote-control of temperature, light, humidity and more.

The Elite control panel from Tylö comes into its own in commercial sauna facilities, as it allows the user to control one or more saunas individually from a mobile device or a reception desk, for example.

With Elite it’s possible to set up and automate different schedules, based on usage patterns, frequency and time of day. This more efficient and smarter functionality can yield energy savings of up to 30%.

Taking things even further, the Elite control panel from Tylö has been developed together with the WellAccess™ app, with a user interface and functionality that fully reflects the physical control panel.

The Elite control panel is compatible with the majority of Tylö’s sauna and steam room heaters.