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On just a minimum of floor space Tylö has created a sauna which can be equipped for both traditional sauna and soothing steam sauna. It’s a revolution in home spa design, compact enough to fit into any standard bathroom. With the unique Tylö system the profiles simply clip together, so no screws are needed for assembly.

Technical specification

Property Value
SKU 121
Sauna door DGL
Height (mm) 2100
Exclusive all-in-one instrument
All Impression sauna rooms are supplied with an exclusive hygrometer/thermometer with built-in LED lighting. Style and functionality in one – as well as atmospheric lighting.
Sauna heater
Sauna heater
Choose a Combi Compact 4 heater for a complete steam sauna solution – although of course you can also enjoy a traditional sauna with this unit. Choose the Compact 2/4 for a simple yet functional solution for traditional sauna bathing.
We build – you reap the benefits
Buying a prefabricated sauna room is not only the simplest and swiftest way to turn your dream of a sauna into reality. It’s also the smartest and the safest, too. That way you can be sure of a really well-made sauna that will serve you well, year after year after year.
Ingenious compact design
Tylö’s Impression sauna range takes up a minimal amount of space from as little as 1.3 m2. This sauna solutioncan contain both a traditional sauna and a gentler steam sauna. It’s a revolution in home spa design, compact enough to fit in even a small bathroom.
Material kit
Impression material kit includes
Thermally insulated wall and ceiling sections, door section, fittings in aspen and heat-treated ash (dark), backrest, lighting, hygrometer/thermometer, aluminium floor frame, removable wooden blinds, corner and ceiling mouldings.
Bath forms
Enjoy softer warmth
Our sauna heater is the heart and the key to how you can enjoy your home spa in several ways – exquisitely surrounded by gentle steam and aromatic fragrances or traditionally in a relaxing dry sauna heat. Because how we want to enjoy our time in the sauna is a personal preference and depends on what we need at the moment.

Read more about the forms of bathing.