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Tylö’s ready-made Harmony sauna room is the solution for those who want a quick and easy route to sauna enjoyment. Your sauna is delivered as prefabricated components that are simple to assemble. Everything is in place for installation of electrical systems and ventilation, and the end result is an attractive sauna with no visible fixings or joints.

Please contact the Tylö US team for design assistance and quotes.

Technical specification

Property Value
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Inner beauty
It’s up to you to decide what type of wood you want for the walls and other interior fittings. Mix and match types of wood, designs and surface treatment to suit your style.
How’s the view?
Select glazed sections or solid walls, and sauna doors with frosted, tinted or clear glass. It all depends how much you want to see or be seen.
Sauna heater
Choose your heating
Equip your Harmony sauna room with a suitable heater. We will provide recommendations for you when you configure your sauna room.

Read more about sauna heaters
Control the ambience
Thanks to our smart Elite control panel you can control your sauna via WiFi. Pre-programme schedules, create the ideal ambience from your sofa. Hot and dry, slightly lower temperature, but high humidity level. Bright or subdued lighting. Music or silence. It’s completely up to you.

Read more about control panels
Extra touches
Enhance your sauna experience with attractive, practical and smart sauna accessories from Tylö. They have all been designed for your Tylö sauna room and deliver the same high level of quality.

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