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Wireless Saunas

Elite control panel from Tylö. Digital
convenience for an even better sauna experience.
Wireless Saunas

Tylös new control panel for saunas and steam

Elite from Tylö is our latest and most advanced control panel for saunas and steam rooms. You are met with an easy-to-navigate user interface with smart and intuitive functionality and with our specially-developed WellAccess™app, reflecting Elite’s user interface down to the smallest detail. Using the WellAccess™ app you can control all Elite control panels at your facility from any PC, tablet or smartphone. That's what we call elite-level convenience.

Saunas and steam rooms with functional design

  • Automatic safety system
  • Control from smartphone or computer
  • Set personal preferences
  • Create a schedule
  • Input user restrictions and child safety

Nice and easy sauna use with Elite control panel

Using a PC, smartphone or other device you can control all aspects of your sauna, from the comfort of your sofa. Schedule your sauna time. Have your sauna ready and waiting for you instead of the reverse. Select your personal user profile for simplicity or mix in new variants of light, humidity and heat.

Perfect steam experiences with Elite control panel

We have developed the Elite control panel specifically for our Steam Home and Steam Commercial steam generators. Enjoy perfect steam, uninterrupted delivery and perfectly-balanced quantities. With the Elite control panel you or your guests can always be sure of a perfect experience.

Professional control panel for saunas and steam rooms

Take advantage of the benefits of the Elite control panel from Tylö. Specially designed for demanding applications, it allows you to control all your sauna and steam units via mobile device or from a reception desk, for example. The user interface is exactly the same as for the respective control panel, for safe and easy operation. Sensors and monitoring systems automatically trigger an alarm if any parameter deviates from the norm. You have complete control and overview of your entire facility at all times.

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